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A world where Child Sexual Abuse is a thing of the past


Tejus Home protects, nurtures and empowers abused, pregnant teenagers


  • Provide a safe and non-judgemental shelter for abused, pregnant teenagers.
  • Provide respectful maternal health care to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.
  • Support abused, pregnant teenagers with legal and psychological issues.

TEJUS HOME is a caring environment where abused, pregnant teenagers are given a safe and nurturing place to live. It was our relationship with G, a 13-year old girl, violated, pregnant, and abandoned, that made us realize no such support system existed in Kerala for her: neither in the public nor private sector. G was really alone, rejected, and discarded by her family and society; we realised she must not be the only one. We felt called into action and Tejus Home was born. This pilot project is a partnership between two NGOs – Dil Se and Birth For Change – and is recognized by the Child Welfare Committee, Ernakulam Branch and the Orphanage Control Board (Juvenile Justice Board No ___ ).
Most of these girls are pregnant as a result of violence; without us they would be left alone to face all the ensuing stigma and rejection by family and society.

  • Information and resources to help the girls make choices about their pregnancy, their baby, and their future.
  • Counselling for the young mothers and their families.
  • Encouragement to continue education during pregnancy and after birth.
  • Birth preparation and education classes
  • Individualized health care: prenatal, birth and postnatal care with a midwife.
  • New mummy support: feeding, diaper-changing, bathing, health and hygiene, sleeping habits, bonding, parenting, baby safety etc
  • Legal support
  • Sexuality education
  • Life-skills training: self-confidence and self-esteem, assertiveness, finances, home management, gardening etc


When a pregnant girl is referred to us we meet her with acceptance, she may feel angry and ashamed, has been shunned by her family and rejected by her community, we are often the first compassionate contact she encounters. We help her to come to terms with her situation and from there understand her options.