dilse | School and community outreach programs
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School and community outreach programs

Work with schools in the western Kochi area to implement a personal safety program in the curriculum.

The steps are:

1. Orientation to CSA for all the staff of the school
2. Train selected teachers on how to teach personal safety to children
3. Provide on-going support to the teachers and
4. Follow up the program in the school

The goal is to
Help schools to recognize if a student has been abused, and to provide further assistance, and Implement a Child Protection Policy in their school.

Community Outreach Programs

1. The local police to sensitize them to issues that abused children face;
2. Women’s groups to create awareness about CSA and how they can talk with their children about personal safety;
3. Public health nurses and ASHA workers to create awareness about CSA and empower them to discuss CSA with the communities in which they work.

The goal is to
Recognize CSA when it happens and support the child and the family. It is also to make communities safe for children.