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Help break the silence.

Child Sexual Abuse is punishable by law; reporting it is mandatory – POCSO act

A case of Child Sexual Abuse has to be reported to the authorities.

Reporting should be to:

          • 1. Your local police station – telephone numbers and mail ids are available on http://www.keralapolice.gov.in
            You could also ask help from:
          • 2. CHILDLINE – a toll free 24 hour helpline service – accessed by calling 1098
          • 3. Call us on our HOTLINE – 8111 9111 78

          The child’s statement will be recorded at the home of the child, or at any place of the child’s choice.
          The statement of the child will be taken in the presence of the child’s parents, or any other person the child trusts.
          The police will not be uniform.
          The identity of the child will be protected from the public media.