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Meet Our Team

Cristelle Hart Singh

Cristelle co-founded the Dil Se Association with Marina Racine in Switzerland in 2000. She has been the Managing Director of Dil Se India since 2009.

Cristelle is an Anglo-Swiss national who moved to Kochi in 2000. Since then, as a social worker, she has set up and run several children’s homes, helped families in need with food and education and worked with people living with HIV/AIDS. Throughout those years, she encountered many sexually abused children. When a 14-year- old who had previously been cared for by Dil Se became pregnant, Cristelle set up Tejus Home. Between 2013 and 2015, Cristelle attended several workshops and training sessions on the prevention of child sexual abuse. Seeing Kerala’s desperate need for greater awareness and healing, she initiated the setting up of the Child Advocacy Centre.

Cristelle lives with her husband and two young sons who are home schooled. Her interests include nature and reading.

Pretty Rachel Koshy

As a social worker, Pretty is the initial contact person for children and families coming to the Child Advocacy Centre. She follows each case closely and works with different local authorities when necessary. Pretty also gives prevention classes to adults on child sexual abuse. She has an MA in Sociology, a Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Counselling and 13 years of experience as a social worker, counselling vulnerable women and children in need of care and protection.

Pretty’s professional passion is working with children, especially those who have faced sexual abuse. She strives to provide support and care, to empower the child and his/her family and to help them resolve the trauma and heal. Pretty has a three-year-old son, Daniel. Her interests include listening to music, cooking, travelling to different countries to experience new cultures and also being with children.

Elizabeth Ninu M.J.

Ninu finished her 12th standard and then studied for BA in Communicative English. She has nearly three years’ experience working in a printing business and shop where she did accounts, sales and printing. She is Vice-President of Akshaya Sree in Mattancherry, a women’s welfare organization.

Ninu joined Dil Se in September 2015 as a part-time assistant, and thanks to her hard work and pleasant personality she quickly developed into our full-time Administrative Assistant. She shares her time between Tejus Home and the Child Advocacy Centre. Ninu has a seven-year-old daughter and enjoys cooking, listening to music and spending time with her family.

Janaki Sankaran

Janaki works as the therapist at the Child Advocacy Centre. She has also counselled the girls at Tejus Home weekly since it opened in 2012. She holds a post-graduate degree in psychiatry and enjoys working with children and young people.

Janaki worked as a school counselor for a little over 20 years. Her experiences in schools, as well as those of being a member of the Child Welfare Committee, led to her wanting to work with children who have faced child sexual abuse and their families.

Her interests include Sudoku, crosswords, listening to music and watching Hindi movies.

Amy Davies

Amy is a midwife from the UK, working in India with Birth for Change foundation. She has been supporting mothers and families during their pregnancies, births and postnatal care for the last 8 years.

Amy is currently studying for a Masters in Advanced Midwifery following the completion of a Bachelor of Science degree in 2010. She is passionate about providing holistic support, information, continuity of care and facilitating individualised, women centred choice and care for all women.

Amy is also actively involved with the work-out and exercise classes at Tejus Home and in her spare time enjoys cooking and making handicrafts with the girls.​

Donna Mitchell

Donna is a Certified Professional Midwife (U.S.A) who works at Birth for Change for improving care for marginalised women.

She is responsible for prenatal and postnatal care for young teenage girls after they have had their babies. She also provides prenatal dance exercise classes to main stream public thereby raising funds for the home. She strives to provide culturally competent care for a woman that is deemed right as per norms in each society.

Mithu Mol

Mithu is 28 yrs old, has a BA in Economics, 2 years experience in a hyper-market as an accountant and 3 years experience as a teacher in a tutorial college.

She works as a social worker within our home: managing new arrivals, updating files and books, interaction with exterior facilities, coordinating medical appointments with follow-up and implementation of information and advice received at Birthvillage, etc. Mithu also helps the girls with their studies.
Mithu has 3 young children of her own. She enjoys gardening, cooking, listening to music and she enjoys her job!

Priyanka Idicula

Priyanka is the Director of Birthvillage Natural Birthing Centre as well as the Managing Trustee of Birth for Change (NGO). She is a certified professional midwife (U.S.A) as well as a Lamaze childbirth educator.

She works hard at preserving natural birth and is an ardent supporter of respectful maternity care for women. She empowers the young girls at Tejus Home by educating them about their childbirth options, helping them to restore confidence in themselves.
Priyanka also provides free medical care to them: prenatal as well as postnatal.

Baby Das

Baby joined us in March 2015. She is 53 years old and has 3 grown up children.

Her job is to take care of the girls at night and prepare breakfast in the morning. Baby is also an important member of our home. As most of the girls go into labor at night, it is her responsibility to be with them, encouraging them to stay strong, making sure they are feeling fine and calling the midwives at Birthvillage at the right time to make the transport from Tejus Home and the delivery as smooth as possible. In her free time, Baby enjoys cooking and listening to prayer music.

Flory George

Flory joined us at the CAC in September 2016 as our “chechi”. She takes care of the building and grounds, provides us with yummy cups of tea and snacks, and helps tend the vegetables growing in our garden.

Flory is a local from Manaserry, is married to a fisherman and has two grown-up daughters.
She enjoys gardening and going to church.

Adv. Sandhya Raju

Sandhya graduated from the National Law School of India University in the year 1997 and did her post graduation in law (Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law) in 2004. Sandhya brought the Human Rights Law Network into Kerala under the guidance of Adv. Collin Gonsalves, co-founder of the organisation.

Sandhya trained under Adv. Flavia Agnes, a feminist lawyer, co-founder of Majlis, a Legal and Cultural Center in Mumbai. Sandhya has been responsible as National Director of Human Rights Law Network, in taking forward and coordinating the issues relating to women’s justice at a national level, through advocacy and training. Adv. Sandhya has actively been working in issues related to child rights: victims of trafficking, sexual exploitation, child labour. She has also been faculty and resource person for training judicial officers, academicians, NGOs etc. Sandhya has authored and co-authored books for HRLN (Domestic Violence and Law in 2008) and assisted Asha Bajpai (Criminal Justice Status series of Maharashtra in 2000).

Advocates Sandhya, and Induja will take turns working at the Child Advocacy Centre, giving legal advice to the families, actively following up on the cases and preparing the children and parents for the hearings.

Adv. Induja M.J.

Induja M.J holds a Masters in Urban Governance and Peace from the United Nations Mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. Primarily interested in human rights litigation, Induja has fought cases in women, child rights and land issues. She has been part of a research team regarding migrant issues among women garment workers in Bangalore. Induja is now carrying forward human rights litigation with HRLN.

Advocates Sandhya, and Induja will take turns working at the Child Advocacy Centre, giving legal advice to the families, actively following up on the cases and preparing the children and parents for the hearings.

Gopika Govindan

Graduating from Maharajas College, Ernakulam in political science Gopika completed her Masters in Social Work from Bharath Matha College, Trikakara, with her specialization in family and child welfare. Gopika has been working with HRLN in the field of women and child rights since 2013. Ever since then, she has been actively intervening in child rights issues and has been organizing awareness sessions on child laws and child rights.

Gopika has played a key role in the studies conducted by HRLN and lately, in association with the social justice department of Kerala, has conducted a study of social life of ex-residents of Government Juvenile Justice institutions in Kerala.

Her role within the Child Advocacy Centre will be to inform families about the laws related to CSA and also assisting with community outreach programs.

Thara N. Rejeev

Thara works as the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programme Co-ordinator. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rajagiri College of Social Science, specialising in Family and Child Welfare. Thara previously worked at Tejus Home as a social worker and then as a counsellor in the Naval Base at Ernakulam.

Thara believes that our society should be a child-friendly one and that children should be empowered to stand up for their rights. She enjoys teaching, training, conducting and coordinating programs.