DIL SE a non-profit organization based in the town of Kochi, on the Kerala coast in southwest India. It was originally founded in 2000 as a charitable association in Switzerland by two Swiss ladies, Marina Racine and Cristelle Hart. Working under and alongside various Indian NGOs, Dil Se gave financial, material and moral support to people at the grassroots level. An Indian Trust was founded in 2009 (reg.no. 28/9) by Cristelle and her husband, Ravinder Pal Singh, to address a variety of social and economic problems faced by children in India. Dil Se’s programmes currently address the issue of child sexual abuse.

Our Team

Cristelle Hart Singh

Marina Racine

Priyanka Idicula

Janaki Sankaran


Mercy Joseph

Baby Das

Donna Mitchell

Amy Davies

Pretty Rachel Koshy

Thara N. Rejeev

Elizabeth Ninu

Flory George

Sandhya Raju

Induja M.J

Gopika Govindan